Work Groups

Interlaboratory Program

Objectives: Providing the laboratories of participating companies with a mechanism through which, a given laboratory can periodically compare the results obtained in chemical analyses with the results of laboratories from other companies operating in the same technological sector, thus verifying the precision and accuracy of its results.

The program aims the improvement of operating techniques, advising the participating laboratories to give consideration to methodology, to equipment calibration and to analyst’s training. This improvement allows a better understanding between suppliers, transformers and consumers, also being reflected on laboratory equipment manufacturers.


Work Group: Composting Standardization

Subject: Technical Requirements for Environmental Licensing emission of CADRIs (certificates of environmental interest residues movement) for enterprises of Composting and Production of Organic Fertilizers.


(i) Evaluating the specifications of Enactment No 230/11/PSR that addresses the requirements for the obtainment of licenses for use of residues from industrial processes that are intended for the manufacture of organic compounds;

(ii) Participating in the development of the National Regulation for Composting of Organic Residues;

(iii) Discussion of the State Bill encouraging the use of Composted Organic Fertilizer as a policy of recycling organic solid residues.

Work Group: Organic Carbon

Objectives:  (i) Evaluating the results of organic carbon contents from various sources or organic and organic-mineral fertilizers obtained through two different methods;

(ii) Proposing an alternative method for the analysis of Organic Carbon, and this one is included as one of the official methods by MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Supply).

Work Group: Biofertilizers

Objectives: defining the concept of Biofertilizers and product groups such as: Humic Substances, Algae Extracts, Microorganisms, Vegetable Extracts, Hydrolyzed Proteins and Aminoacids.

Work Group: Concentrated suspension

Objectives: Defining with MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Supply) what is a Concentrated Suspension from a bibliographical review.

Work Group: ABNT sampling

Objectives: Proposing a standard for sampling domestic and imported products, for internal quality control with ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) and meeting the sector, in order to make this set of requirements applicable, without impairing the objectives of the involved parties. From the approval of these standards, inspectors of MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Supply will include such requirements in the inspection of enterprises.

Work Group: Soil Fluid Fertilizers

Objectives: Creating strategies and discussing ideas for the strengthening of segments classified as: water-insoluble fluid mineral fertilizers and fluid fertilizers on the basis of humic substances, both for soil application. This objective will be achieved with the engagement of associates that include these technologies in their portfolios.


Abisolo, Brazilian Association of Plant Nutrition Technology Industries was founded in March 2003 with the purpose of representing and advocating the interests of industries that manufacture important inputs, which contribute to increase the Brazilian agricultural sustainability and productivity.

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