Foliar Fertilization Scientific Grounds and Field Techniques

ABISOLO patronizes the publication in Brazil of the book named Leaf Fertilization: Scientific Grounds and Field Techniques, in order to show research results, essays and field observations demonstrating the evolution of formulation and application techniques of foliar fertilizers.

This book is relevant to the evolution of knowledge on leaf fertilization, since it considers grounds that allow understanding the agronomic management of this application modality, allowing to relate the formulation physicochemical properties with environmental, physiological and biological factors that contribute to a better response to this fertilization. Moreover, with this publication, ABISOLO provides information that serves as a basis for making leaf fertilization a more and more used tool in the search of the increase of crop productivity.

Authors: V. Fernández, T. Sotiropoulos and P. Brown
Year: 2015
Number of pages: 150
Size: 15.5 x 23 cm
Publisher: Abisolo
Finishing: Brochure
ISBN: 978-85-69084-00-6



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